Monday, March 14, 2016

St. Patty's Day Means Going Green For Elder Caretakers In Costa Mesa

St. Patrick's Day is nearly here-- isn't it time you started going green?
At A-1 Home Care in Costa Mesa, we promote diversity in character and diligence in the environment with our affectionate elder caregiver experts who come to the comfort and convenience of the home with helping hands, a golden heart, and a beaming smile to serve.
Our diverse caregiving professionals provide in-home care to people from all walks of life, including Asian, Middle Eastern, Jewish, and European, ensuring that no senior gets left behind on the journey to better home health.

Take a look below at 3 reasons why every little thing you do to go green this holiday season doesn’t just show your festive spirit—it also improves your beloved senior’s personal home health:
1) Improves food quality. With harmful pollutants circling through the atmosphere, it's no wonder that they can leach onto your elder’s favorite foods in the process. By reducing pollution in the home, you're effectively doing the subtle, but more important long-term, things to improve your elder's food quality in his/her meals.
2) Improves air health. Many respiratory issues like coughing and shortness of breath are caused by poor air quality. Going green helps reduce the amount of unhealthy particulate matters floating around the atmosphere, which helps improve your elder's home health going forward.
3) Reduces climate change. A-1 Home Care understands the negative impact of global warming and climate change as a whole, which is why we are dedicated to helping family caretakers find practical, everyday areas in the home where they can begin to cut down on the harmful air pollutants they give off that would otherwise come back to harm them.

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