Wednesday, February 5, 2014

American Heart Month/ A-1 Home Care Costa Mesa

February is the month of Valentines, heart shaped candies, and American Heart Month. We at A-1 Home Care will honor this awareness month by focusing on heart healthy tips for our loyal readers. 

A lot of heart healthy tactics come from eating, and eating right. Eating clean, plant based meals is a good thing, but eating habits and timing also do a lot to maintain heart health. We've compiled a list of strategies to help:

Avoid skipping meals – This causes your metabolism to slow down, which leads to feeling sluggish and making poorer choices later in the day.
Breakfast – Select high-fiber breads and cereals, colorful fruit, and protein to fill you with energy for the day. 
Lunch – Keep your body fueled for the afternoon with a variety of whole-grain breads, lean protein, and fiber. 
Dinner – End the day on a wholesome note. Try warm salads of roasted veggies and a side of crusty brown bread and cheese, grilled salmon with spicy salsa, or whole-wheat pasta with asparagus and shrimp. 
Snacks – It’s okay, even recommended, to snack. But make sure you make it count by choosing high-fiber snacks to healthfully tide you over to your next meal. 
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